Derek Lakin

Skype Qik

Today sees the culmination of over 6 months work for me personally, but slightly longer for the rest of the teams. I’m proud to be a part of not just another Skype client client, but a whole new Skype experience: Skype Qik (pronounced “quick”). Skype’s first app since Skype. The launch of the Skype for Xbox One was one of the most amazing experiences in my career to date; a day I’ll ...

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Derek Lakin

Multiline RegEx Replace in Visual Studio

I was just going through our codebase to update a lengthy copyright statement to a much shorter up to date version and found it tricky to match over multiple lines. I wanted to go from something like this: // <copyright file="SomeFile.cs" company="Contoso"> // A whole bunch more text // </copyright> to this: // © 2014 Contoso. All rights reserved. After a little spelunking I eventually found that the following does just what I ...

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Derek Lakin

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

As regular readers will know, I’m clearly not one for settling down and the time has come yet again for major changes in the Lakin household. Today marks a major step forwards in our next move because my passport came back from the US Embassy with my L1-A visa stamp in it, so we’re officially able to make that move. Back in April 2012, I blogged about “New Challenges” as I moved from ...

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Derek Lakin

BETA: Piccolo

I’m about to start the beta for a new Windows Phone app that I’ve been working on. This is a first for me, I usually go straight to market, but this time I want to get feedback before I go live to ensure I hit the market with as good a product as possible. UPDATE: The beta is now available at What is Piccolo? I don’t know ...

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