Derek Lakin

From Windows Phone to Xbox One

The last time I wrote about New Challenges I’d been at Pixel Lab for 15 months. Well, it seems that 15 months is my new standard job duration because 15 months after starting at Microsoft working on Skype for Windows Phone, I’ve moved on again. During my time on the Skype for Windows Phone I’ve worked on the initial release for Windows Phone 8 including background chat and calling and the numerous ...

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Derek Lakin

Detecting Zune Connection for PhotoChooserTask

When you’re using the PhotoChooserTask to get the user to select or take a photo you may have experienced the problem when the user is connected to Zune because this prevents them from accessing their media library. Unfortunately, from a development point of view, the Complete event that fires simply provides Cancel as the Result, which is the same result for when the user simply presses the back button. I’ve seen a few ...

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Derek Lakin

New Challenges

I’ve been working for Pixel Lab for the last 15 months as a full-time employee and a while before that as a contractor and it’s been an absolutely crazy and amazing time. I’ve worked on some great projects including the Halo Silverlight website back when Halo: Reach was released (not the current one), the Silverlight JetPack theme, and the Windows Phone 7 templates for SketchFlow. I started working on Windows Phone projects ...

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Derek Lakin

Overriding System Tray Colours

When branding an application you often want to enforce a specific theme (trying to fit in with light and dark themes often doesn’t work with many brands), then I would definitely reccomend using the ThemeManager by Jeff Wilcox. With one line of code you can enforce either the light or dark theme, and then just apply your own custom backgrounds, etc. With one extra line of code you can also change the accent color ...


Derek Lakin

Entypo: An OpenType Pictogram Font

I blogged a while back about using the new Segoe UI Symbol font to create high quality scalable application bar icons. Well, to add to that, Entypo is an OpenType font containing over 100 handcrafted pictograms that will work well for the same thing. An EPS vector file is also available in case you want to convert them to a different format for use as Windows Phone application bar button icons (for example). It’s ...

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