Derek Lakin

APP: Markdown Notepad

Now available in the Store for Windows Phone 8 apps, my latest app is a simple notepad app that uses the Markdown format. Ingeniously called Markdown Notepad, this app builds on the Markdown features that were built into Visual Diary and extends it with note backup to the cloud. After a few false starts trying to use SkyDrive (a service which I love!) for the cloud backup feature I found that the SDK didn’t give me what I wanted, so I used Buddy instead. Whilst this meant that the service wasn’t quite as friction free as I’d have liked it to have been because I then had to create the user management (registration, login, forgotten password), the API was simple to use and I’ve been really happy. The Buddy team were really responsive and quick to fix the couple of bugs that I found. I’d be happy to share the service wrapper that I created and even consider turning the user management stuff into a reusable control if anyone is interested.

As always, your ratings and reviews are welcome in the Store, and you can give feedback at

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