Derek Lakin

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

As regular readers will know, I’m clearly not one for settling down and the time has come yet again for major changes in the Lakin household. Today marks a major step forwards in our next move because my passport came back from the US Embassy with my L1-A visa stamp in it, so we’re officially able to make that move.

Back in April 2012, I blogged about “New Challenges” as I moved from working for the most awesome Robby Ingebretsen at Pixel Lab to Skype for Windows Phone in Stockholm. Then in August 2013 it was time to move onto to move “From Windows Phone to Xbox One” where I had a great time and was really proud to be part of the Xbox One launch last year. Arguably the most enjoyable day of my working career as we all unboxed our white ship gift consoles and started playing games in the office!

Well, the cycle is slightly shorter this time, but so is the description of what I’m doing. All I can do is say that it’s new, it’s part of Skype, but not the regular Skype client. I’m moving lock, stock and barrel out to the Californian sunshine to the Skype Palo Alto office to work on exciting new things and I can’t wait to be able to talk about the project publicly!

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