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REVIEW: Car Finder

Hot on the heals of their review of Medicine Manager yesterday, those nice people over at WP7 Lab have just reviewed Car Finder. I first blogged about the release of Car Finder on May 13th (the day after it’s release) and it’s reminder feature was the subject of another blog post: Don’t Forget! back in August.

Here’s some of the nice things they had to say in their review:

Car Finder allows you to tag the current location of your car in the Map menu and then you can always come back to it, like following a beacon.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that!

The accuracy of Car Finder is pretty good and considering it’s free or charge, you can always check it out for yourself.

You can read their full review here:

You can find full feature details and screenshots on the app site:


Car Finder was my first (significant) app and is still close to my heart. I find it incredibly rewarding that such an app has received over 11,000 downloads in 35 different countries! I’ve updated it 4 times since launch and it remains free to this day (though the latest version added some adverts).


Along the way I’ve been supported by an incredible team of volunteer translators: Alan Mendelivich (Lithuanian/Russian), Filipe Miguel (Portugese), Jesus Rodriguez (Spanish), Salvatore Gentile (Italian), Martin Rauscher (German), Johan Peeters (French/Dutch), and Andrej Tozon (Slovenian). So I’d like to thank them (again) for all their hard work.

If you’d like to see Car Finder in another language and can help out, I’d love to hear from you.

The Future

I’ve got a big re-design planned and expect to add directions/routing on the map from your current location. If there are any features that you’d like to see, suggest and vote on them over on User Voice. NOTE: It’s the same site for all my apps, just prefix the idea with the app name.

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