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Derek Lakin

Skype Qik 1.5

We released yet another version of Skype Qik today, v1.5. To be honest, while we focus on the Universal app on Windows Phone there wasn't much in the Windows Phone release, but we did manage to ship the filter effects, which was the key feature in this release. Here's the relevant section from the Skype Garage blog post: Qik 1.5 also gives you new ways to express yourself on Windows Phone, iPhone and ...

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Derek Lakin

Skype Qik

Today sees the culmination of over 6 months work for me personally, but slightly longer for the rest of the teams. I’m proud to be a part of not just another Skype client client, but a whole new Skype experience: Skype Qik (pronounced “quick”). Skype’s first app since Skype. The launch of the Skype for Xbox One was one of the most amazing experiences in my career to date; a day I’ll ...

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Derek Lakin

BETA: Piccolo

I’m about to start the beta for a new Windows Phone app that I’ve been working on. This is a first for me, I usually go straight to market, but this time I want to get feedback before I go live to ensure I hit the market with as good a product as possible. UPDATE: The beta is now available at http://is.gd/piccolo_beta What is Piccolo? I don’t know ...

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Derek Lakin

APP: Markdown Notepad

Now available in the Store for Windows Phone 8 apps, my latest app is a simple notepad app that uses the Markdown format. Ingeniously called Markdown Notepad, this app builds on the Markdown features that were built into Visual Diary and extends it with note backup to the cloud. After a few false starts trying to use SkyDrive (a service which I love!) for the cloud backup feature I found that the SDK didn’t ...

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Derek Lakin

REVIEW: Car Finder

Hot on the heals of their review of Medicine Manager yesterday, those nice people over at WP7 Lab have just reviewed Car Finder. I first blogged about the release of Car Finder on May 13th (the day after it’s release) and it’s reminder feature was the subject of another blog post: Don’t Forget! back in August. Here’s some of the nice things they had to say in their review: Car Finder ...

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