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Derek Lakin

APP: Medicine Manager

My latest app, Medicine Manager, hit the Marketplace a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but with work commitments, it’s been really hard. Suffice to say that a blog post is coming. In the mean time, the guys over at WP7 Lab have been good enough to review the app and they were really positive, so thanks very much. You can read their full review here: http://wp7lab. ...

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Derek Lakin

DESIGN: “Ephelis” - A Client App for Freckle

Freckle is an awesome service that takes the friction out of tracking your time and is great for freelancers, consultants and small teams. At Pixel Lab we use it for our timesheet system and it works great for permanent employees and per-project contractors. As a long time Windows Phone user, the first thing I wanted was an app to use with this service, but there isn’t one. There’s a third-party app for iOS ...

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Derek Lakin

Unable to activate Windows Tailored Application

Whilst developing Metro-style applications (quite possibly limited to XAML apps) you may be unfortunate enough to receive the error message “Unable to Activate Windows Tailored Application” when you try to run the application from Visual Studio. You’ll probably find that other applications that worked previously still do so, but this one won’t budge. In my case, the only additional information was the message: “The remote procedure call failed” and a message in the ...

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Derek Lakin

APP: Random Numbers

My second personal application: “Random Numbers” is now available in the Marketplace. Random Numbers is a simple application that uses the accelerometer so that you can shake your phone to generate random numbers. You create sets of number definitions (called a “profile”) that specify the minimum and maximum value to generate, which enables you to generate numbers for the lottery, board games, dice games, or any other random number scenario. The idea behind writing Random ...

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Derek Lakin

APP: Car Finder

My first personal application: "Car Finder" is now available in the Marketplace. Car Finder is a simple application that uses the Map control to show you where you are and lets you set the location of your car. You can also take a photo of the surroundings and store notes to help you find your car again. This is ideal if you are in unfamiliar surroundings or if you are in a hire car that ...

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