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Derek Lakin

Using Custom Fonts in XAML Apps

The first Metro application that I started to build for Windows 8 was a simple digital clock; partly because I thought this was a good simple application to get started with, partly because it would be handy combined with the docking station, and partly because I’d already written one for Windows Phone. However, the first issue that I noticed was that the embedded font I used originally no longer worked and without any XAML ...

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Derek Lakin

Don’t Forget!

Parking Tickets The current approach for reminders works on the assumption that you are using a “pay-and-display”-style car park where you pay in advance to park for a certain amount of time. Another option would be to track how long you’ve been parked and calculate what your current parking fee is for the shopping centre-style parking where you pay on exit. If you’re interested in this second model then it would be ...

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Derek Lakin

Creating Copyable Read-Only Text

Ignoring any debates or discussions about when it’s going to arrive if you haven’t got it already, but the recently-released update for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) code-named NoDo (apparently short for No Donuts) brought the much discussed copy and paste feature. How Does it Work? The copy and paste feature has been available in the developer tools since December 2010, so we already know that the copy and paste feature works in the ...

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