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Derek Lakin

Entypo: An OpenType Pictogram Font

I blogged a while back about using the new Segoe UI Symbol font to create high quality scalable application bar icons. Well, to add to that, Entypo is an OpenType font containing over 100 handcrafted pictograms that will work well for the same thing. An EPS vector file is also available in case you want to convert them to a different format for use as Windows Phone application bar button icons (for example). It’s ...

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Derek Lakin

Using Custom Fonts in XAML Apps

The first Metro application that I started to build for Windows 8 was a simple digital clock; partly because I thought this was a good simple application to get started with, partly because it would be handy combined with the docking station, and partly because I’d already written one for Windows Phone. However, the first issue that I noticed was that the embedded font I used originally no longer worked and without any XAML ...

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Derek Lakin

Application Bar Icons

To make creating high-quality scalable application bar icons for Windows 8 Metro applications, you can use the Segoe UI Symbol font. The icons are specifically the Unicode characters in the range 0xE100 to 0xE124. ...

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