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Derek Lakin

Multiline RegEx Replace in Visual Studio

I was just going through our codebase to update a lengthy copyright statement to a much shorter up to date version and found it tricky to match over multiple lines. I wanted to go from something like this: // <copyright file="SomeFile.cs" company="Contoso"> // A whole bunch more text. // </copyright> to this: // © 2014 Contoso. All rights reserved. After a little spelunking I eventually found that the following does just what I ...

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Derek Lakin

Windows Phone Development on Windows 8

UPDATE: You can now run the Windows Phone emulator on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the latest 7.1.1 SDK. As mentioned in the announcement, it’s not officially supported until the Windows RTM and performance is likely to be degraded if Hyper-V is enabled. If you’re a keen early adopter and have already tried out the Windows 8 Developer Preview, then you may have also tried to do some Windows Phone ...

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